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Exit Signs, Emergency Lighting, and Stand-by Power Equipment

Confidence. Trust. Dependability. These are values you want in your Exit Signs, Emergency Lights, and Power equipment and, as well, the team you rely on to deliver it. When it matters most. We are your team.


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Exit Expo is Your premiere source for everything emergency lighting related. For over 15 years, since 2002, our team of lighting experts have focused on designing and delivering industry leading exit sign and emergency lighting solutions, products, and services. Contractors, architects, lighting designers, business owners, property managers, energy auditors, corporations, and government projects alike trust us to deliver time-sensitive, authoritative, high-quality, complete, and value-rich solutions. No other source can deliver you hard-to-find, custom, specification-grade emergency lighting, batteries, braille signs, and inverters faster. We have manufacturing and warehousing facilities throughout North America, the United States, Mexico, Canada, Asia, and Europe. Our design and custom fabrication facilities are in Los Angeles, CA. We ship from both the east and west coasts to ensure the most comprehensive offering with the quickest delivery times in the industry. For accurate, complete, and authoritative answers, Call Now.

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